What is Cyclocross?!

Cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing that consists of many laps of a short course over mixed terrain, with course features that may involve dismounting your bike, carrying it to navigate obstacles and remounting your bike. It mixes multiple athletic endeavors, namely riding and running, with a strong emphasis on skillful bike handling. Races usually take place in a park, on a short circuit with each lap being between 1 to 3 kilometers long over grass, mud, trails, gravel, concrete and with a few obstacles for competitors to negotiate - sand pits, logs, barriers, etc. Races typically last 25 minutes to an hour, with the number of laps varying based on course length, conditions and speed. Competitors start as a group and spread out - the faster riders will complete more laps and the officials keep track placement throughout the race. The cyclocross season in Wisconsin runs from September through December.

Purpose of CX Committee


The CXC will grow and maintain participation in CX through Standards, Rules, and Guidelines for WCA CX series and in alignment with the following mission and goals


Mission of CX Committee

Engage cyclocross enthusiasts and fanatics;

Attract beginner cyclocross racers;

Expose cyclocross to a larger audience;

To grow the sport of cyclocross in Wisconsin.


Goals of CX Committee

  • Create a full season of high-quality racing with improved competition at races.

  • Increase overall number of participants and frequency of participation.

  • Provide a welcoming community, convenient race locations, and a fun atmosphere to appeal to beginner and recreational cyclocross racers.

  • Provide competitive fields, challenging courses, well-laid out venues, and well-administered races to satisfy more competitive cyclocross racers.

  • Create a broader exposure of Wisconsin Cyclocross to the general public through web presence and marquee events.

  • Create a series that prepares competitive racers for the regional and national levels.

Board Members